Nutto Land


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High Quality Standards

Quality is a process that starts with the nuts on the tree, and extends to the point of customer delivery. Our superior quality production process is reinforced with state-of-the-art technology and continuous improvements have become our standard business model. The most powerful factor that determines our quality standards is the feedback provided by the customers. Our production procedures are continuously updated by our specialized R&D staff, in regard to our customers´ requests and feedback.

Technology Reinforced Quality

Nutto Land ’ machinery is selected from equipment designed to maximize product quality. Up-to-date technologies are reviewed in detail, and only the best, most suitable machinery and equipments are selected for procurement.

Maximum Hygiene: To ensure near-zero contamination for our products, we have recently invested in a pasteurization line with the necessary miscellaneous technology. With the commissioning of the pasteurization line, our products can be completely decontaminated, including salmonella.

Reliable Food Products

Nutto Land ’ operates its production in line with international quality standards. Thus, we hold the most notable certifications on the international market. We are continuously improving our production procedures within the frame of global quality standards.


These analyzes are performed to see the surface of the products. Some of these are calibrated, product surface damage, decay, bad smell and bad taste analysis.


Aflatoxin Analysis
Peroxide Analysis
Analysis of free fatty acids
Total fat deposits

Total Aerobic Bacteria Analysis
Escherichia coli Analysis
Coliform Analysis
Mold Analysis
Salmonella Analysis

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